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Boron in Ceramics

In China in the 10th century AD, borax was used in ceramic enamel and glazes. Enamels and glazes are the thin vitreous coating fused to a ceramic or metallic base in tiles, sanitary ware, bone china, porcelain etc. Today, such coating material is called “frit”. Boron is still used in modern ceramics to ensure a good fit between the glaze and the clay and to increase durability and shine. Borates have also recently been added to tile bodies to lower energy use during production.

Recommended Products for Ceramics

(B2O3 36%) Borax Decahydrate 
(B2O3 48%) Borax Pentahydrate
(B2O3 35 - 40%) Mineral Calcium Borate Powder / Granular

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