Products & Brands

Raj Borax manufactures or markets a complete range of Boron products under its brands ChemieborTM and AgricolTM

ChemieborTM is a range of refined boron products containing varied amounts of Boron (as B) or Boron Oxide (B2 O3) content and in various physical forms – Crystal, Powder, Granular. ChemieborTM is used as a quality boron source in a wide range of industries and applications viz. Agriculture, Ceramics, Glass and Glass Fibre, Metallurgy, Timber Preservation etc.

AgricolTM  is recommended for agriculture consumption as a slow release micronutrient Boron. It is a natural mineral composed of essential nutrients like Boron (as B), Calcium (as CaO), Magnesium (as MgO) and Iron (as Fe2 O3) all available in natural form. AgricolTM is a certified input for organic agriculture.

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