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Boron in Metallurgy

Boron has many applications in Metallurgical industry. Boron is a good fluxing agent. Metal Fluxing is one of the oldest & was the exclusive application of Borax in the middle ages. Borax was used in metal work as a flux for welding and brazing precious metals.

The ability to dissolve metal oxides is exploited in the recovery of metals such as brass, copper, lead and zinc from scrap or smelting slag. In ferrous metallurgy, Borax is used as a cover flux to present oxidation at the surface of the molten ingot. In welding, brazing and soldering, Borax covers the metal surfaces, excluding air and preventing oxidation. 

Recommended Products for Metallurgy

(B2O3 36%) Borax Decahydrate 
(B2O3 36%) Borax Decahydrate 
(B2O3 35 - 40%) Mineral Calcium Borate Powder / Granular


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