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In many countries Borax, i.e. Borax Decahydrate (Boron 11%) is commonly used and is still the most preferred source of Boron for soil application. However, in most countries, Borax is only available in powder or in crystalline form. The main limitation of this physical form is the handling loss during transportation and at the time of application. Borax in powder / crystalline form gets easily leached from the top layer of soil resulting in loss of precious nutrients.

Keeping the above problems in mind and given the fact that farmers have been using Borax for many years, its an uphill task to convince them to switch to other sources of boron in granular form.

CHEMIEBORTM 11S is a granular boron micronutrient containing 11% Boron (as B). The main constituent of CHEMIEBORTM11S is Di Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate. CHEMIEBORTM 11S, being in granule form reduces handling loss, breakage & can be applied evenly throughout the field  using broadcasting application method.

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   ChemieborTM 11 S


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